2020-06-25 | 13:19:52

What is the qualifying rate or stress test rate for mortgages?

More good news for first time home buyers! The Bank of Canada is set to reduce its qualifying rate ten basis points, from 5.04 to 4.94 percent.The qualifying rate is the rate we use during your pre-approval process. You must prove you can make...

2020-06-24 | 14:42:33

Should I buy a house or a car first?

Deciding to buy a vehicle or not is an important decision for home buyers to make. It could make or break being able to afford the house you want.  Here are some key points from this article:-Having an expensive car loan can decrease the mortgage...

2020-06-24 | 14:39:50

My Mortgage Centre App

Check out my app! It has many features and is a great tool to plan for your next purchase. Here are some key features:1)See how much you can afford.2)Calculate and learn about the fees to buy a home.3)Calculate your payments.4)View and compare...

2020-06-24 | 14:37:34

Buying Vs. Renting

For anyone considering buying a home, or wondering if it’s a good decision for them, here are some advantages and disadvantages. Buying a home is a great investment over the long term and lets you build equity, rather than renting and having that...

2020-06-23 | 14:00:29

How to get a good credit score

Having a good credit score is a great first step to buying a home. Credit scores range from 300-900. If you are looking to buy a home, refinance etc, aim for a credit score above 600. Below are some basic tips to a great credit score:1) Have 2 credit...

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